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I'm a poet of place, an aspiring naturalist, and a novice birder. I decided to jump into Birdathon this year as part of my commitment to protecting the environment. It's also a way for me to show my love for the Texas landscape that has inspired so many of my poems. Plus, I can't think of better way to hone my birding skills than to take on this challenge. Please help me to support the beautiful and fascinating birds that make up an essential part of the Central Texas ecosystem. 

ABOUT Birdathon 2017

Birdathon teams are making birding count for conservation! Check out the profiles below and consider making a contribution that will support wildlife conservation and education.

You can take part too! Birdathon participants plan an afternoon or day of birding and compete individually or as a team to win awards for highest bird species count and highest donations collected. Much like a walkathon, fundraisers collect pledges to raise money for conservation. This friendly competition is open to all levels of birders. To get started, login to your Travis Audubon account and select “My Birdathon Pages” in the dropdown menu. From there you will be guided through the setup of a fundraising page that you can share with your family and friends to collect donations. You will be able to form a team by clicking on the “Team” tab when you set up your page. If you would like assistance setting up your fundraising page or team, please contact Nancy Sprehn at or 512-300-2473.

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